We all carry music within us. All our thoughts and emotions, all our actions and words, ultimately are more or less harmonious music. We are all composers, whether we are aware of it or not. Harmony is not, therefore, the musician's exclusive territory but, as Mozart said, "for the whole world".

We are all composers, whether we are aware of it or not.

My task is to discover the music that exists in this invisible but real space which lives within us, to capture it on paper with the highest fidelity and quality that my skills may confer on me.

Olas dulces y suaves, R. 4.

Rodrigo Ruiz · An Everlasting Dawn

Night gives way to day, sadness to joy, defeat to hope, and death to rebirth. An Everlasting Dawn celebrates these transformations and their joyous outcome.

The passionate introduction of the Sonata para piano gives way to the joy of life. The sun gathers the starry night's moisture and the flower's dew in the Intermezzo dawn.

At daybreak, a child peaks into his sister’s crib and wakes her to An Everlasting Dawn.

Love from the lover has fled, who languishes until Love brings joy back to him in exquisite verses by Heinrich Heine, set to music in the Heinrich Heine, musicalizados en las Heine-Lieder.

In Olas dulces y suaves a man closes his eyes, finds a peaceful haven within and immerses himself in prayer.

Grace Davidson sublime voice and Christopher Glynn pianistic magic breathe life into the songs, while Alison Farr plays the works for solo piano with great mastery.